Situated in Mile 91, in the rural area of Sierra Leone, Canadian College of Modern Technology, CCMT, provides world-class, tertiary education at Certificate, Diploma, and Degree levels. The college strives to strengthen the quality of education and research to support national developmental strategies.

CCMT has put together a winning formula of lecturers that have had vast experience of lecturing on different programmes as well as working for the trade & industry in their different fields.  The lecturers, here, have a real commitment to the student’s future at CCMT. We have put in place a distinctive practical and tutorial system that underpins a culture of close academic supervision and careful personal support.

Our lecture rooms, laboratories, and ICT facilities also help in making the CCMT a leader in so many fields in Sierra Leone. As we strive towards developing a first-class comprehensive college with high-level talents training system and a knowledge innovation system, we have a clear and vibrant educational mission, with far-sighted objectives of cultivating talents with all-round development, global perspective and create awareness for Sierra Leone.