The Canadian College of Modern Technology offers a wide range of specialised, subject-specific facilities. The College has a dedicated computer laboratory suite, an electronics workshop, photocopying/printing facilities and Wi-Fi ensuring consistent Internet access for staff, students and visitors to the campus.

Learning Resources

The Canadian College of Modern Technology has state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive learning and research resources that provide tools for successful learning and growing. The College’s innovative virtual learning environment enables learners to study how, when and where it suits them. The College’s computing centres provide students with constant access to networked computers.

Our libraries offer:

  • Free internet access
  • An online library catalogue
  • Information skills training, including endnotes and referencing
  • Opportunities to develop computer and keyboard skills


Our Student Services team is dedicated to ensuring all students have a successful, safe and productive time at the Canadian College of Modern Technology. They provide a wide range of information, advice and support from our on-campus Student Centre.

Our Students Services team offers the following services:

  • Counselling – Our discreet, professional counselling services can help students with a wide range of issues from academic concerns to career advice. Personal guidance is also available in a caring, professional and supportive environment.
  • Information and Enquiries – The College believes in providing information and aid in an open and transparent manner. Parents and guardians are welcome and invited to be an active learning partner.

Students’ Welfare

The students of the Canadian College of Modern Technology are of utmost importance. Students’ welfare is an integral part of the positive, respectful and supportive environment of the College. The College maintains a link with students through the TITLE who acts as a liaison between the students and the administration. Issues, when they arise, are given high priority and dealt with openly and transparently. The administration is ultimately responsible for students’ welfare and strives to maintain positive interactions and regard for all students and visitors.

Disability Issues or Challenges

The Canadian College of Modern Technology is an inclusive institution and supports all students and offers additional learning or facility support to those students with disabilities. If an applicant has declared a disability or additional educational need, the academic support team will contact individual students to assess the level of support required.

In order to ensure that the College can support various learning or facility needs, please identify any disability or support requirement at the point of application and prior to accepting an offer of placement at the College.

Environmental Sustainability

One of the fundamental principles of the Canadian College of Modern Technology is sustainability, which includes the environment, power, water and waste. The College is powered mainly by solar power, a renewable and sustainable source of energy. The College is committed to responsible waste management and resource utilization. Preservation and conservation of resources is a prime concern.

The Canadian College of Modern Technology has a firm commitment towards providing a clean and healthy environment. Planting trees is one of the easiest and most sustainable ways to positively affect the environment. As a requirement for admission, all applicants are required to plant a tree at a site stipulated by the College. This helps the environment and adds to the awareness College students have about the world. Trees and tools will be provided by the College.