Live confortably and learn easily

CCMT offer an exciting environment for living and learning…

Purposely built washrooms for student dormitory

Students' Canteen

Landscaping around dormitory

Clara and Andrea , both interns, enjoying the serenity around the dormitory


The Canadian College of Modern Technology offers state-of-art facilities where students can comfortably and safely reside. Separate, newly-built structures house male students and female students. Each hostel has bathroom facilities close by and areas for outside chores and get-togethers

Canadian College of Modern Technology is a monumental part of your experience. 95% percent of students live on campus, and on-campus housing is guaranteed for all four years. On campus, there is always something going on: sport, lectures, movies, visiting performers, among others.

The College’s residential advisory team is available at all times to help students with housing issues or to aid those who choose to live off-campus in nearby Yoni Village or Mile 91.