Things you should consider before choosing a college in Sierra Leone

Choosing a college or university is a complicated process. Once students obtain at least three WASSCE credits, it’s time to start searching for the perfect tertiary institute to attend. Deciding where to attend is an important decision.
Please consider the categories below and make a comparison between Canadian of Modern Technology and other colleges in Sierra Leone.

1) Facilities: Does the institution have adequate classrooms, offices, and laboratories? Are the buildings maintained? Are the grounds clean? How old are the facilities? Does the institution have room and equipment for all the students?

2) Infrastructure: Is there reliable power/electricity? Is there water available? What provisions are in place during the rains/dry season?

3) Staff: Does the institution have internationally trained lecturers? Are staff professional and responsible? Are there enough lecturers? Is there a professional attitude amongst staff?

4) Accommodation: Are the dormitories/hostels clean? Are rooms safe and hygienic? Are the rooms suitable for studying and for sleeping? Is accommodation affordable? Are bathroom facilities well-built, clean and well-maintained?

5) Tuition: How much will it cost per year for tuition? What do tuition payments include? Is there a payment plan? Are scholarships available? Is there a departmental cost applied?

6) Hidden Costs: Does the institution apply charges for labs, workshops or extra classes? Does the institution charge extra fees for lecturers, cleaners, etc.? Is the institution accountable and transparent?

7) Support: What emotional and academic support do students receive? Is there sufficient academic, career and personal guidance available? Who’s supervising the dormitories? Does the institution welcome and involve guardians or parents?

8) Vision and Attitude: What is the vision or mission of the institution? What does the institution believe in? Is there an over-arching educational philosophy?