Please join me in welcoming the newest member of our team Rathinam Saravanan from India to the Canadian College of Modern Technology in Mile 91, Sierra Leone.

Saravanan is a Ph.D. candidate with double Masters in Computer Science and Engineering. He has come with a wealth of experience as a lecturer from different universities across Africa and India

Saravanan has published several journals on topics including Processing of Query in Peer to Peer Networks, Pool of Providers in Grid Computing, Range of Query Processing in Peer to Peer Networks, etc
He has also presented several academic papers at international conferences in India, Hong Kong, and Turkey.

The Dr. (to be) will serve as head of the department in the Department of Computer Science at CCMT in Mile 91.

Saravanan you are welcome to CCMT and by extension to Sierra Leone.

We hope your experience will be a valuable contribution to the faculty.

Thank you!

Muckson Sesay

President & Founder
Canadian College of Modern Technology