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The Canadian College of Modern Technology, located in Mile 91, Tonkolili, Sierra Leone is a registered corporation under the Companies Act.  It was formed in 2014 in order to provide world class tertiary education in technology for the people of Sierra Leone.  We believe that the use of computers and technology is the key to success in the information age, and embarked on an ambitious building programme that would provide facilities capable of hosting a modern educational facility.

Our mission is to offer a comprehensive range of career-oriented education and training opportunities to support and enhance the economic and social development of individuals in Sierra Leone.

Our vision is to be an outstanding college of choice for applied learning, innovation, and entrepreneurship demonstrating excellence, sustainability and responsiveness.

Our Course offerings will be guided by five pillars:

  1. Student Success:

The Canadian College of Modern Technology exists for its students; to help them maximize their potential, acquire skills for employment, set up a basis for further education, or all three combined.

  1. Program and Service Excellence:

The Canadian College of Modern Technology will strive to deliver excellent programmes and core services in order to prepare graduates to compete locally and globally for jobs.  Our institution will consistently maintain and raise standards for infrastructure and pedagogy.

  1. Innovation:

The Canadian College of Modern Technology aspires to be the foremost institution in Sierra Leone by constantly innovating.  Exploring new ideas and the application of technology to all angles of development and education, is at the core of our mission.

  1. Connection to Community:

The Canadian College of Modern Technology plays a vital part of the community. The College is committed to maintaining and improving its community connections through our staff and students being involved with local organizations, fundraising, partnerships and more.  As an institution, and with respect to the programs we offer, the will stay connected to the local and regional realities, needs and aspirations.

  1. Sustainability:

Canadian College of Modern Technology will cultivate a culture of sustainability – environmentally and financially. As an institution, the College will set an example of stewardship and accountability to our students and the public.  Our commitment will feature the use of renewable energy, and the responsible disposal of all industrial waste.