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Our mission: to offer a comprehensive range of career-oriented education and training opportunities to support and enhance the economic and social development of individuals in Sierra Leone.
At the Canadian College of Modern Technology, we strive towards developing knowledge-based curricula, creating a first-class educational facility with a premier training system. The College has clear and vibrant educational goals with long-term objectives, cultivating talents with holistic development and global perspectives.



Student housing is now available. To book your place now. Spaces are limited so get your information into student services to make sure that you get the spot you want.
The Canadian College of Modern Technology offers state-of-art facilities where students can comfortably and safely reside. Separate, newly-built structures for male and female students. Each hostel has bathroom facilities close by and areas for outside chores and get-togethers



One of the greatest things our students have come to love about CCMT is the Digital Library which connects them to high-speed internet and provides access to  first-class online library.
This does not only help our students and staff to have access to online resources but has enhanced collaborative learning and research


Learning Resources

Canadian College of Modern Technology has state-of-the-art facilities and comprehensive learning and research resources that provide tools for successful learning and growing. The College’s innovative virtual learning environment enables learners to study how, when and where it suits them. The College’s computing centres provide students with constant access to networked computers.
Our libraries offer:
Free internet access

Disability Issues or Challenges

The Canadian College of Modern Technology is an inclusive institution and supports all students and offers additional learning or facility support to those students with disabilities. If an applicant has declared a disability or additional educational need, the academic support team will contact individual students to assess the level of support required.
In order to ensure that the College can support various learning or facility needs, please identify any disability or support requirement at the point of application and prior to accepting an offer of placement at the College.

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Expert Staff

The lecturers at the Canadian College of Modern Technology are highly trained and well qualified. They come from more than five countries and includes a sizeable international contingent. They are passionately committed to the subjects they teach. The majority of them are experts in their various fields. Many of the lecturers have attained outstanding qualifications and experience from outside Sierra Leone. They are innovative and completely up-to-date with all the current trends in their areas of expertise.


Classes take several forms including hour-long lectures, tutorials, practical exercises, PowerPoint presentations, hand-outs, electronic notes, and communications via e-mail and social media software.


Professional Accreditation

Canadian College of Modern Technology is a fully accredited college with the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) and the National Commission for Technical Vocational and Other Academic Awards (NCTVA) offering Certificate, Diploma and Degree programmes.

High Quality Academic Programmes.

CCMT’s high-quality academic programmes are second to none. Great attention has been paid to international standards and all modules comply with the highest standards of pedagogy. When students choose the Canadian College of Modern Technology they are choosing an experience that will enrich their academic career and enhance their overall marketability in the local and international employment market.


Technology Services

In order to ensure that our Mass Communication students have modern technology mainstreamed into their education, radio and television broadcast equipment has been purchased and operated by students giving our Mass Communication students an unrivalled practical learning environment. We will be the only student-staffed broadcast media in Sierra Leone the sub-region.
Our classrooms are equipped with projectors and whiteboards, and student application, registration, attendance monitoring, assignment submission, and grade tracking are all done via cloud-based software designed specifically for CCMT. Our facilities are powered by a solar array with backup generators providing 24-hour power. All of our buildings have running water and fully functional bathroom facilities. Our Campus is also connected to the fiber optic cable, allowing for 4G wireless internet across the entire campus.

Campus Lab

One of the greatest things our students have come to love about CCMT is the Digital Library which connect them to high speed internet and provides access to first-class online library for collaborative learning and research.
This renown Digital Library is open from 6am – 10pm. The student lab is open 24 hours 7 days a week.


Scholarships and Awards

Aware that not all Sierra Leoneans can afford to access CCMT due to financial constraints, we have aggressively sought and provided four-year scholarships to needy students through our partners the Sierra Leone Education Project (SLEP), a registered Canadian charity that was created to provide scholarships to students in Sierra Leone, and our own Muckson Foundation. SLEP scholarships are full-board (tuition, laptop, housing, and feeding) while Muckson Foundation Scholarships cover tuition costs only.
Currently, 85% of CCMT students receive financial aid.


Counselling – Our discreet, professional counseling services can help students with a wide range of issues from academic concerns to career advice. Personal guidance is also available in a caring, professional, and supportive environment.
Information and Enquiries – The College believes in providing information and aid in an open and transparent manner. Parents and guardians are welcome and invited to be an active learning partner.