Fees & Financial Aid Information

Aware that not all Sierra Leoneans can afford to access CCMT due to financial constraints, CCMT have aggressively sought and provided four-year scholarships to needy students through our partners the Sierra Leone Education Project (SLEP), and Muckson Foundation. SLEP scholarships are full-board (tuition, laptop, housing, and feeding) while Muckson Foundation Scholarships cover tuition costs only.

Currently, 85% of CCMT students receive financial aid. This rate is higher than in typical even in well-endowed American and European institutions and serves as evidence that CCMTs commitment to quality has not compromised its commitment to provide access to all Sierra Leoneans.

CCMT remains committed to working closely with SLEP to ensure that our institution remains accessible to all qualified Sierra Leoneans, and to cultivating other sources of funding for our scholarship initiatives.

Only 5% of students in Sierra Leone who are able to finish high school have the opportunity to attend college or university.*

*Sierra Leone Education Policy and Data Center (EPDC, 2014)