Alikali A. Turay from University Of Manitoba gave public lecture at CCMT

Ph.D Candidate from the University of Manitoba in Canada (UofM), Alikali A. Turay, gave a public lecture at Canadian College of Modern Technology CCMT on the topic “The Canadian College of Modern Technology and its relationship with other learning institutions in Sierra Leone”

Mr. Turay who have had eight (8) years of teaching experience at Fourah Bay college , University of Sierra Leone (USL) and currently working as consultant with the college of William & Mary and Stanford state university California on Transitional Justice, talked about some of the differences he found between CCMT and other higher learning institutions in Sierra Leone

According to Mr. Turay, CCMT is providing a world-class learning environment that he said “could hardly be found in other higher learning institutions in Sierra Leone”.
As a former lecturer, Mr. Turay praises CCMT for using modern learning techniques to create an interactive learning environment for its students.
He stated that: “the use of pen and paper for classroom preparation is very cumbersome, leaving lecturers tired and exhausted before getting to the classroom”. However, he added : “using technology to deliver content to students makes it convenient for teachers to teach and also helps students to easily catch-up with learning.”

Linking good education to good learning environment, Mr. Turay added  that good education starts with good learning environment and a well trained instructor. “classrooms should be exciting enough for students to stay and learn, and teachers should be equipped with the necessary tools and resources to deliver” he noted.

The Ph.D candidate encouraged other colleges in Sierra Leone to move from what he referred to as one-dimensional way of teaching (teacher-to-student) to a multi-dimension approach where students are given the opportunity to access learning materials from different sources

He further inspired students to take good advantage of what CCMT offers to them and work hard with their studies : “You can have the most recent buildings, the best classroom, the newest smart-board, the best lecturers but this will mean nothing if you don’t sit down and do the hard work of studying.” He added

Mr. Turay told students present at the lecture room to use CCMT as a platform where they can discover their God given talent , he sad : “all of you here today have a talent embedded in your collective young minds but it’s your responsibility to discover that talent, and the best place to do so is in college.”

In his conclusion, the Dr. (to be) encouraged students to remain focused in their studies and reminded them that there is no better place for heigher learning education in Sierra Leone than the Canadian College of Modern Technology in Mile 91