CCMT Benefits from the ‘New Direction’

For years, the Canadian College of Modern Technology, CCMT, in Mile 91 struggled to connect its classes and students to the internet. The lack of high speed internet prevented the premier school of technology in the country from providing some of the services it promised its students.
However, all that has changed now. The government of Sierra Leone under its versatility and visionary Minister of Information and Communication Honourable Mohamed Rado Swaray has provided broadband access to the College.

In an era of ‘internet of things’ where solutions are developed to run in multi-devices, across multiple platforms, a high-speed internet is becoming critical than ever before.

This move by the New Direction is going to help our delivery system become more competitive, thus giving an edge to our students to compete globally.

As the new administration in Sierra Leone pushes to revamp education and strengthen its institutions of higher learning, the key to achieving that goal is access to high speed internet. Studies show that the African economies that are currently thriving are those that have integrated technology into their curriculum and the gesture of the government to equip schools like the Canadian College of Modern Technology with broadband will broaden the New Direction of President Maada Bio’s government.

It is evident that the earlier a child is introduced to technology the better the chances for that child to have the kind of education needed to get a job and gain economic prosperity.

Since it came to power, the current SLPP government has taken a keen interest in private institutions of higher learning that empower young men and women. In May this year, the Chief Minister, Prof. J. Francis, MPs and other cabinet members visited the college and gave it accolades for its innovative approach to education in Sierra Leone.
With access to broadband, the Canadian College of Technology can now expand its services to training private and government employees on the use of modern technologies. That is a new direction that will lead to prosperity.

Muckson Sesay

Founder & President

Canadian College of Modern Technology
Mile 91, Sierra Leone