Canadian College Of Modern Technology Concludes 4th Matriculation Ceremony

By: Jacob Sax Conteh, Sr. (M.Ed).

On Saturday, February 23, 2019, the campus of the Canadian College of Modern Technology was bustling with life and excitement. It was the fourth matriculation ceremony at the college’s campus, which brought together administrative staff, invited guests from other institutions, stakeholders within Mile 91, parents, guardians and students to the well-maintained serene campus. This ceremony was organized to mark the formal admission of new students as members of the college.
Making his opening remarks, the chairman of the ceremony Mr. Ahmed M. Sesay, welcomed all that attended the ceremony and stressed the importance of organizing ceremonies such as matriculation not only for the college but also for the students. He advised students on the importance of taking their work seriously, noting that upon completing their various courses of study, they should strive to be jobs providers and not only job seekers.

In his keynote address to the college, the principal, Mr. Saravanan Rathinam, congratulated the new students on gaining admission into the college and informed them that they were the set of students that he was admitting into the membership of the college three years in a row as principal of the college. Mr. Rathinam also noted that the college was built on sound moral values and that the college expects students to uphold those values. He assured the students of maximum security on campus, urged them to take their academic work seriously.

Mr. Rathinamconcluded his remarks by admonishing students with the following remarks: “Be reminded that the oath you are going to take today is to be obedient to the Principal, all those in authority, and to be of good conduct throughout your stay in the college. Please be warned that a breach of the oath taken today will definitely attract appropriate sanctions. This college has zero tolerance for cultism, any form of hooliganism and corruption. I need to further advise you to show respect to your colleagues and staff in the college to make your stay fruitful and productive. Be modest and decent in your dressing and approach to issues. I am aware that in the just concluded orientation programme conducted on campus, you must have been informed of the co-curricular activities available on our campus. We will strive to improve on them as time goes by.”
Saptieu Esther Bah, one of the new students expressed her delight for such a wonderful program and stated that the program has helped to further legalize her status in the college and promised to do her best to maintain her relationship with the college. “I have been waiting all this while to not only see this day but to actively participate in it, and I thank God for that,” she said.

At the end of the program, students were euphoric and enthusiastic to formally be admitted to the Canadian College of Modern Technology where they hope to strive in academic excellence. These students are right to be enthusiastic, because unlike any other college or university in Sierra Leone, they are about to experience a learning environment where they will use modern technologies backed by 24-hour electricity, high-speed internet, access to clean drinking water, and a serene campus punctuated by fireflies and electricity at night, and to wake up to sounds of birds and roosters in the morning. This is a unique experience indeed, and we welcome our new students.

Jacob Sax Conteh, Sr. (M.Ed).
Director, Media Services
Canadian College of Modern Technologies
Mile 91, Sierra Leone