CCMT To Open Agriculture and Accounting Departments, Purchased Farming Equipment.

The Canadian College of Modern Technology is pleased to announce its acquisition of a Salonika 90 Horsepower tractor, with all necessary implements. This purchase is intended to ensure that our new Department of Agriculture, opening in October 2020, has the same unparalleled access to practical learning technologies and cutting-edge technology as our other programmes including Computer Science and Mass Communication. 

Many agriculture programmes in Sierra Leone are almost totally classroom-based. However, CCMTs innovative new curriculum, with 1/3 of teaching hours spent on practical’s, including raising animals, mechanical farming, and learning to operate an agribusiness.  
Our tractor will immediately begin work, so that the first agriculture students, who will begin classes in October this year, will meet a fully functioning farm, and gain the necessary skills and knowledge to one day run their commercial farm. One hundred acres will be put under cultivation with different crops to ensure our students are fully exposed to the fertility and potential of modern agriculture in Sierra Leone. 

The tractor will be complemented by other practical sites focusing on organic agriculture, no-dig agriculture, and other innovative methods such as hydroponic farming and modern animal breeding and rearing methods.  
Canadian College of Modern Technology Agriculture course promises to provide Sierra Leone with its next generation of master farmers, able not only to find employment in the agriculture sector but also to begin profitable agriculture-based businesses as an entrepreneur.