Dynamic International School in Freetown took a field trip to the Canadian College of Modern Technology in Mile 91.

The purpose of the field trip was to spark the interest of students in a variety of fields that may one day become their life’s work.

Upon arrival at the college campus at Silicon Hills in Mile 91, students were amazed to have a first-hand experience of a 21st-century higher-education learning environment, fully equipped with iMac computers, CCTV cameras, projectors, Smartboard, e-library, etc. 

During this interactive experience, the Acting Principal, Jacob Sax Conteh, and the Registrar Mr. Adam Goguen introduced the students to the various departments in the college. They admonished students on internet-safety and the overall responsible use of technology. The principal and some of his staff gave the students an extensive tour of the college facilities, including the Television and Radio Stations of the Mass Communication Department, Computer labs, Canteen, Dormitories, Modern Washrooms, Staff quarters, on-going construction sites, etc.

Pastor Victor Davis, the proprietor of the school and the coordinator of the field trip said after being cooped up all year in a classroom, students must get out and gain new experience and catch fresh air.

To end the field trip, the visiting students had a friendly match among themselves and took a delicious lunch before departing back for Freetown. 

Dynamic International School is a private Elementary and High School that provides quality education to students between the ages of 5 years to 18 years. 

If you want to conduct a general school trip to CCMT, contact the administration to schedule an appointment for your group.