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Computer Science Department

The Computer Science programme focuses on the practical application and use of computers in complex mathematical, communication, and data issues present in today’s job market.
Practical work skills will be gained as assignments and curriculum closely replicate work that students will be expected to perform after graduation.

Candidate for a Certificate, National Diploma, Higher National Diploma and Degree Programs must meet the admission criteria set below. The Admission’s Committee has the right to refuse admission to any student should it consider it to be in the interests of the College to do so.

Business Information Technology Department

The Department of Business Information Technology, is geared towards preparing students to have the skills, the competencies and the knowledge to use computer information systems and pursue professional careers in business and information technology.
The degree prepares students for a career in the rapidly growing field of e-Commerce and e-Business. The degree program provides a solid business foundation upon which rigorous information technology competencies are built. The graduate of the program will possess the requisite management and technology skills required for positions in the e-Business and e-Commerce arena.

Business Administration Department

The Business Administration program prepares students to work in the business office of any organization. Graduates should find employment opportunities with government offices and agencies, multi-nationals, large corporations, business offices, retail outlets, and sales organizations. Graduates may also use the skills and competencies acquired through this program to start their own business.
Our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Program focuses on key topics related to the many aspects of succeeding within an ever-evolving business environment. Our well-rounded curriculum includes courses in Business Ethics, Strategic and Operational Management, Microeconomics, Marketing, Business Finance and Information Technology.

Mass Communication Department

Our Media and Communications programme focuses on the application of technology to communications and digital media. Students will learn how to communicate in the modern world and will be well prepared for employment in radio, television, print, film production, photography and graphic design.

A special emphasis will prioritize the use of equipment and computers in the modern media workplace