Student Life and Welfare at CCMT

Encouraging student Learning and life experience is at the core of CCMTs philosophy. As an institution attracting applicants from across Sierra Leone, we maintain the top tier facilities necessary to recruit in urban markets. However, as a rural institution we are deeply aware of the extreme challenges many Sierra Leones face in financing quality tertiary education.
Our Orientation and Matriculation process are unique in Sierra Leone, and take place over a series of days where students are introduced to each other, to CCMT and to their new home for the next four years. Focusing on values, teamwork, and the quick integration of technology into daily life, we offer unparalleled support to new college students. Most of our new students are recent secondary school graduates, and we understand the importance of successfully transition to adulthood, and strive to support our new students as they undergo the transition.

Students at CCMT enjoy 24-hour light and water as well as on-site food service and easy access to downtown Mile-91’s lively market and nightlife. We provide housing on campus and assist other students in securing local housing at a reasonable price. Our campus has a football field, while volleyball and basketball courts are planned for late 2019.
CCMT students are encouraged to organize for beneficial purposes and our campus has active Muslim Jamaat and Christin Fellowship groups as well as student clubs dedicated to academic and recreational interests. We have hired a student activities coordinator to ensure that CCMT continues to stand out not just for our students’ academic development, but also for their social development.

With all students receiving a laptop upon registration, CCMT is awash in technology and our students, regardless of their discipline, leave with a thorough understanding of modern information technology and understand how to research and self-learn through technology.